Itís not how much time youíve spent
But how much youíve put into it
That still remained when you went
And shone your love right through it.





Share your liveliness today
  with someone while youíre dying
So theyíll remember some day soon
  your songs and not your sighing

Make your moments count today
  with all the strenght youíve left
Keep on smiling on the way
  although you may have wept

As thereís no joy in bitterness
  rather choose for tender sorrow
And your tears may comfort bear
  for someone else tomorrow

Know, when you falter, when you fall,
  thereís Someone right behind you
Though you donít see Him now at all,
  Heíll carry you and guide you.





Things we think important
  are really very small
And maybe even sometimes
  of no importance at all.

Real greatness lies in little things
  that form the fundamental part
To help the little things to grow,
  you know, is a real art.

And while youíre working at it,
  my son, donít you loose heart
Everything has its special purpose
  and of a greater plan is part.





Jesus, place my feet today
  on someoneís lonely way
And help my deeds and words to be
  lifting others up to Thee.

Give me each day a humble task
  that I may no greater ask
So Iíll follow close to you
  to do what You will show me to.




Hearts melted together

Itís only Godís grace
  that gives us such love
His shining face
  looks down from above

So tenderly, we felt it
  deep into our heart
Together weíre melted
  to never depart.

Sometimes the pathways
  are rugged and steep
But love grows and stays
  through the tears that we weep

So closely we follow
  the love of His Light
And rest in the hollow
  of His arm at night.





There are no words
  that I can say
  that fit what youíre going through
But in silence
  let me stay
  and be a friend to you.

When I go home,
  into my room
  you know I say a prayer
I see my Friend
  is with you there
  and leave you in His care.




The darkest hour

A heart is slowly crushed
  and a prayer is born
Itís love that covers sin
  forgiveness on the morn
When the day appears
  after the terror of a night
You will look beyond
  the boudaries of sight
In the faith to endure
  and the strenght to fight.




Faraway friends

A thousand things
  are there to say
  and just a few words
  to spend
So Iíll tell you
  weíve not forgotten you
  however far you went

We send our prayers
  up in the air
  our smile
  and our tear
We know somehow
  theyíll meet you there
  these moments we hold dear.




For someoneís "buddy"

If my song could break
  the silence of your lonely night
like the tears that broke
  your heart for him who had to fight

If my words could heal
  the agony you feel inside
like your prayers tried
  until the moment that he died,

Iíd sing all night
  until the dawn
Iíd lift the burden
  you have borne
Iíd build a bridge
  of faith for you
To show you
  what Heís trying to do

But silence came
  to fill the night
I sensed your fear
  your desperate fight
I was lame
  I fought and tried
  to reach you
But you were out of sight

Then Jesus came
  spoke to my heart
"I was with her
  from the start
The fight is over
  the battleís won
Iíve finished
  what I have begun
I let him die
  to live on
  I set him free

Now receive My peace
  and know that I am God
Be still, and see
  the work I wrought
For in silence
  is My presence clearest
In prayer
  is when I am nearest".




Heavenly communication

Thank you Lord for the Kingdom
Of which we all form part
Heavenly communicaton
Right from the start
So we can touch eachother
Through the One who knows
Lord, help us seek your presence
And, in all, stay close.




Single mom.

Give yourself to Jesus
  be still and wait
His rescueing Love
  comes never too late

Hold on to His promise
  let go of your plan
Let Him carry your burdens
  you cannot, He can.

And to my dear children
  a loving Father He is
Heíll never forsake them
  Ďcause theyíll always be His

Lord help me to trust Thee
  and put my hand in Thine
As my dear children
  lay theirs in mine.

When Iíve laid down my burdens
  and my heart is for Thee
I know Thou willt fill it
  and take care of me.


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