Welcome at our Website.
   After a long and hard labour our first
   homepage was born. We're all very
   happy with its arrival.
   We (Antonio, Truus, Patricia, Andres,
   Irene, Victor and DaniŽl) will try our 
   best to help it grow, feeding it our

   We'd like to tell you a bit about who we are
   and what we like to do.
        Antonio is 54 and Spanish.  
   He likes to design webpages, 
   play the guitar and sing, go
   for a walk and enjoy God's creation.

	Truus is 43 and Dutch. She likes teaching
   and learning languages, poetry, nature, playing
   the guitar and singing. (You can find some of the
   poems she wrote at Angela's poems.)
   We are trying our best to make a difference in 
   this world by trying to make it a better place, 
   touching people, heart by heart. Do you have 
   the same vision? We'd like to help you with 
   web space and web design to acomplish it, 
   just contact us.
   If you have any suggestions to help us improve 
   our website, please let us know. We're eager to
   On our homepage you'll find RDS (Random 
   Dot Stereo)-images.If you look at them in a 
   certain way (crosseyed viewing), you'll see
   3-dimensional objects coming out of the 
   picture. To be able to see the RDS-picture 
   you need to bring the left dot on the right
   dot with your eyes. You'll see three dots instead 
   of two. Stay focussed and you"ll see the 
   3-D object after a while. You need to be 
   patient to be able to see the first 3-D object.
   Once you've seen one, it'll be easier to see 
   the next one.
   Written 20-12-1997
   Last update 21-1-2007 

Op onze homepage kun je stereogrammen vinden.RDS zijn tekeningen waarin je, als je er naar staart, een 3-dimensionaal figuur kunt ontdekken achter de puntjes. Om het figuur te kunnen zien moet je je blik fixeren op een bepaald punt in de tekening. Je moet bijna scheel kijken om als het ware door de tekening heen te kijken om de figuur te kunnen zien. Meestal lukt dat niet meteen, maar oefening baart kunst. Geef het niet te snel op. Gemaakt op: 20-12-1997 Laatste bewerking op 21-1-2007