Thought Power !

Watch your thoughts. Consider all your thoughts. Size them up, take stock, analise, weigh them up, and ask yourself: "What are your thoughts accomplishing?". Where are they going? Are they headed in the right direction or in the wrong one? Are they directed to a clear target, or are they sitting idle, destined to end up in the wasteland of nothingness?

Every time you think a thought, aim it in the right direction turning it into a powerful prayer. You can do it all the time, anywhere, with anybody, even when your alone. When youíre doing physical chores or routine duties, turn your thoughts into prayers throughout the day. Donít let them pass you by, and you will accomplish so much more. Capture your thoughts, beam them up, right on target, and see miracles come to pass before your very eyes!

Thoughts are always running through your head, but itís how you direct them that makes a difference. Catch each thought when it comes to your mind, determine its goal and send it on its way. Take care not to let your thoughts sit idle, or they might turn into daydreaming or vain illusion and lose its productivity.

You can take the thoughts that come to you as a result of watching the news, watching a movie, listening to music, talking with others, or in fact any activity youíre involved in at the time, and turn them into a powerful prayer. You should be vigilant trying to capture your thoughts and make them work in a positive way for you and others through prayer. All Throughout the day, as you are taking in the sights and sounds of all that goes on around you, in the midst of all this you can make choices as to how you want to filter and direct the thoughts that pop into your head.

Try it and youíll soon find that this method of directing your thoughts will make your burdens lighter. It will help you to constantly focus on the positive.

Thoughts are important. They fill our days and our entire lives. Thoughts are real things and have visible effects. They can be a burden or a blessing. Your thoughts can control you or you can control your thoughts. You can employ them and turn them to your good and to the good of others by turning them into prayers. But if you allow your thoughts to run wild, they will manipulate you. Theyíll make you flounder and slip, render you useless, hinder your power, and eventually bring about your downfall.

Will you take hold of your thoughts and turn them into powerful prayers, or will you follow whatever thought comes to your mind and allow yourself drift off into Nirvana. The choice is yours Let it be a conscious choice.