Life after Death

Cases of clinical death experiences !!!

True Fiction

Here's the testimony of many people who died and were allowed to come back ! There are many common characteristics of people's after-death experiences, many of whom have been declared dead from a few minutes up to 20 minutes or half-an-hour or so. Their hearts had failed and respiration ceased, and they had actually been dead for a short time !

You hear or feel a sound, a ringing bell or buzzing or music in your ears or in your head a whistling or whirling feeling.

The floating feeling of detachment from the body, and an almost inexpressible feeling of freedom.

Floating above your body and looking back down on it from above or a distance, watching the life-saving efforts of doctors, nurses or rescuers.

Hearing the voices of those present and even the pronouncement of your own death !

Feeling perfect peace, complete painlessness, warmth, comfort, weightlessness and no worries.! But sometimes you're lonely at first.

Then you feel a movement, like you are moving very rapidly through a long narrow dark tunnel or valley, often met by a dead friend or relative.

After moving through the long dark tunnel or valley,there is light at the other end: a brilliant being of light, like an angel or saint ! The whole place is filled with brilliant warm light, and you sense a great feeling of love and compassion.

The question from the being of light: Are you satisfied with the life you've lived ? or do you want to go back and do better? Do you want another chance?

If you get as far as the being of light, you are shown this review of your whole life !

Next comes the barrier: You have come to a place of decision, the point of no return.

The choice or the order to go back.

The return to the body! Most of them expressed that this was the saddest part about the whole thing, especially when they're all messed up in a wreck, or they're undergoing a painful operation and sick or injured and in pain !

You have a great impression or distinct feeling that you should tell others about what happened.

It's the shock you get when nobody believes you ! People think you're some kind of a psycho or you've lost your mind, so you stop telling about it!

Finally it makes a real change for the better in all the lives of those who come back.!


True Fiction